Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Does anybody else find it ironic that Andrew Sullivan is hyping the fact-checking abilities of the Blogosphere:

I love the fact that the self-important pooh-bahs at 43rd Street now have to worry that they'll be corrected on a daily basis by a bunch of former nobodies. Go, Instapundit. It helps defuse the self-serving pomposity of much of the journalistic clerisy
...when I doubt there's anybody outside of Ann Coulter who's been more thoroughly and consistently fact-checked right out of the ballpark than Sullivan himself? And for that matter, what the heck is an admitted self-promoter like Sullivan doing complaining about "self-important pooh-bahs"? Not that I'm one for forced humility, but people in stone houses shouldn't throw glassware and whatnot.

Then again, his statement that "I take less time, worry less about polish, and care less about the consequences on my blog" speaks volumes.

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