Saturday, February 18, 2012

What the Hell is WRONG with California?

Libraries? You're seriously cutting state funding for PUBLIC LIBRARIES?

Granted, this is a problem across all of America, as ignorant legislators assume that because their kids can afford iPads, everybody else in America doesn't need public sources of information. (Or trained professionals to help them find it.) But, honestly, CALIFORNIA? The heart of the information revolution SHOULD DAMNED WELL KNOW HOW IMPORTANT PUBLIC ACCESS TO INFORMATION IS.

The worst part is that the same worthless wingnut shitheels that always complain about too-high taxes will also be the ones complaining about the unemployment, underemployment, and piss-poor test scores that come from this. An educated populace is the foundation of a modern economy, and California appears to be doing its level best to make sure that they don't have those.

But, hey! At least your property taxes won't go up!


  1. It is just too common: When we no longer need something, we immediately forget how useful it was for us until now, and discount that there may be many (millions) who are still where we were when we used it. We got a large cut a couple of years ago in Colorado for the same reason...
    The 'I' generation of the '80s is now in control...

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  3. We should change the name of this country to the New Confederacy.

    Honestly, the policies being put into place, very much including the degrading of educational standards, is a recreation (or exhumation, if you will) of the Jim Crow culture of the South in the 50s. Can't enslave them anymore? Well then make them sharecroppers, or some updated version of a debt slave.

    When Confederate intransigence and delusional self-importance started that war with an industrial Yankee economy I seem to recall that the results were disappointing. Thank god nobody running this place remembers that.